2 Ways We Do Quiet Time

Two Ways We Do Quiet Time

2 ways we do quiet time, four boxes containing bibles and running shoes

We have 2 ways that we do quiet time, but before we get to that: 

Welcome to our weekly blog post that is for both men and women! Both Cody and I write, design and create this post to help as many people as we can. Since we both have a heart to share the gospel and see people grow with their ministries, families and the like, we wanted to have a day where people could hear both sides. Man and woman. Him and Her. He and me.

Every Person Is Different

Every person has their own way of connecting with God and with people. We all have different personalities, skill sets, and passions that play into this. God designed us each with our own individual preferences for how we grow in any relationship. For me (Madi), I love to sit and talk to people and that helps me grow closer to them. I could talk all day to someone and by the end of it they would be a part of our family.

Cody’s Way

For me (Cody), its the same. I love to talk with people and get to know them. We are both very people oriented. The way that I connect with God, however, is through running. Something Madi will never understand (so she says). My run is my quiet time. It is when I feel closest to God. When my mind is blank and all my cares are empty. I feel the presence of God on the asphalt. That’s my quiet place. 

Madi’s Way

I, Madi, am a bible journaler (that may or may not be a phrase, but I’m sticking with it. I’m going to wave that grammatically incorrect banner high)! Each day I read my daily devotional and then read the corresponding passage of scripture (I truly do not believe in just reading a devotional and the one or two verses they share), and then I pray over it. What is God teaching me? How do I see Him through what I just read? What is this passage saying about Jesus? Then I get to creating!

We are both passionate about our quiet times and the way we are able to spend quality time with God. The thing is, however, that we had to learn these things. We had to figure out what worked for us, and then we had to support the other in their endeavor. By no means do we (especially Cody) have all the time in the world to do a very lengthy quiet time. What do we do? We get up early!

Here is what it usually looks like in our house:

I, Cody get up around 4:00/4:30. I then sit at my desk, do my reading from a devotional or School of Ministry book. Then I get dressed and go for a run. I process what I read and prayed about that morning and proceeds to the road ahead. While running I can focus on the subject that God has put on my heart during my devotional and prayer. Sometimes I run a mile sometimes it takes 10 miles to accomplish, but I usually return refreshed and ready for the day.

I get up when my body wakes me up which is anywhere from 3:30-5:30. After I get up I either pour me a cup of coffee or get some brewing (just depends on if Cody got up first or not). After grabbing my mug for the day and putting some coffee in my creamer I go and sit at my desk (we have different work stations). I go to my YouVersion app and read my daily plan (currently doing the Jesus in the Bible plan). I then read the scripture sections in my actual physical bible and then pray. I prefer to write out my prayers.

After that I see what is still bouncing around in my soul waiting to take root and figure out my plan for my bible journaling. I usually spend about 30 minutes on this, unless I’m learning something new, then I could take longer.

The Normal Day to Day

After I (Cody) finish up with my run I clean up and get ready for the work day. During that I also get Sophia up (AKA Little Britches) and get her started on her teeth, hair, dressed, bed, bible verse… etc then I sometimes get breakfast rolling (depending on time) could be a quick chocolate and banana smoothie or could be a full four course meal. Before we hit the door running we talk a bit about what were learning throughout the day then kisses to my Wife and kisses to (Best) step-mom ever. 

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

It’s as simple as that! I use to be the person that hated waking up early, but after the adjustment period, I have grown use to it. We both believe it is so important for you to make time for your relationship with God. Look at it like this: if Cody and I never made time for each other but sent a quick couple word text to each other throughout the day, I would barely know my husband. I would barely know my wife.

You have to make time for the One Who created you, otherwise you are allowing yourself, your family, your job, whatever takes up your time, to sit on God’s rightful throne. 

Find what works for you. Do you like reading a short little devotional as soon as you wake up? Then do it! Just make sure its a biblical one (please please please put down Jesus Calling). Quickly read the neighbor verses of whatever was shared and then go about your day. Do you like to do artistic projects like me, but don’t have times in your every day? Then set a time aside on the weekend or whatever day you tend to be more free and create something then. No one said it had to happen everyday, but make sure your other days are being spent still reading God’s Word. 

Just like anything else you enjoy doing, you have to set time aside for God.

Click the link to get yourself one of the greatest bibles for bible journaling! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I can feel the difference in my day when I don’t get my quit time. When I have to go for a few days without it, it becomes an almost physical reaction. I start to get anxious and stressed over little things that wouldn’t have bothered me a bit if I had been in the Word. I NEED Jesus. I totally understand Cody communing when he’s running. Nature is such a physical manifestation of God’s eye for beauty.

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