Renovate Your Kitchen for $1,000!

Are you wanting to renovate your kitchen for very little money? Do you want to give it a bit of a face lift without having to being in the big guns and completely demolish your kitchen? Then this is the post for you!

When we bought our house we knew we were signing up for a pretty big undertaking. Carpet would need to be taken out. Floor would need to be redone. Walls painted. Trim painted. Doors painted. Paint, paint, everywhere!

We talked about all the things we wanted to do and dreamed of the incredible things we could do with our house to make it perfect for us and our little family.

One day we planned on completely gutting our kitchen and dining room and making it into a massive kitchen, turning our living room into a dining room, and turning the big vacant back room into a living room.

Naturally, life throws you curves balls and Madi can only handle so much ugly for so long. We told ourselves we wouldn’t do anything to make our kitchen look better until we were ready to completely remodel it. “No point in putting money into something that we are just going to demolish one day.”

When Things Changed

Fast forward a couple of months and I had finally had it with my amazingly ugly kitchen. Dark orange wood cabinets. Wood counter tops. Wood back splash. Old yellow and green peel and stick tile on the floor. Blend it all together and you have an incredibly depressing and dark kitchen. Not to mention there was a very dated and dark ceiling fan that was the only light in the entire room. I. Hated. It!

I stared at the kitchen one day and decided I was done with it. Found a bucket of Kilz and started painting the bottom cabinets.


This is after I had painted just the bottom cabinets.

I decided to take off the top cabinet doors because I love the look of open shelving. My husband really wanted the bottom ones taken off too. Not my personal preference, but happy husband, happy life.

I had posted this picture on my Facebook and Instagram and explained that I was going to be doing small renovations here and there. Doing it as cheap as possible, and I was okay with the idea that it may be a long time before its all finished.

The next week we were gifted with a little money to help get us propelled forward and finished. One of the best Christmas gifts I could have ever asked for!

Cody and I sat down and budgeted our kitchen to fit within a realistic budget and made choices based off of what we could afford. We didn’t want to do a kitchen that we had to work to pay off, but instead a kitchen that could cheaply work for us.

The End Result

I spent days sanding and painting every cabinet in our kitchen. Cody spent his mornings hanging new under cabinet lighting (we are obsessed with the ones we bought at Home Depot for $43 for a set of four strips, connectors, and a remote that lets you change colors!), putting in new recessed lights and taking down the old dingy fan.

He also helped me paint the walls to match the rest of the house. Most of his time, however, was spent putting down our new peel and stick flooring. We got this at a STEAL! We bought enough to do our kitchen, dining room and entry way. We even have enough left over to do one of our bathrooms if we so choose.

I painted inside the open cabinets and will be putting up some wallpaper on the back to help them stand out a bit more. We wanted to make sure we had a cheap but bright back splash which is when we decided we wanted galvanized metal. This was truly a labor of love.

Instead of buying the full sheets we decided to get short sheets that are actually used for making bigger pipes (or something along those lines). This took lots of measuring, cutting, care so Cody didn’t chop his hand off or chew my head off for my perfectionist comments, and lots of patience.

I decided I wanted to have a chalkboard in my kitchen to start working more on my hand lettering, give Sophia a place to use her chalk, and have a visible place for me to put notes (such as my cleaning schedule)! I’ve always wanted a chalkboard wall, and I figured why not do it in a kitchen that we will one day renovate, or maybe sale down the road. That way if I didn’t like it, no harm, no foul.

We still have a bit to do, such as counter tops and finish patching the ceiling and then painting it white (it is currently a dingy shade of white that is similar to what a smoker’s house probably looks like), but even if these never got done, I would still love my kitchen!

It is a beautiful blend of Cody and me. Simple. Rustic. Bright. Clean. I am very proud of this kitchen that actually ended up costing us less than $1,000!


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