About Us

Hello! Welcome to my cozy, sometimes tidy, often crazy, beautiful corner of the world! Blended Jubilee is a place for you to come, kick off your shoes, grab you your favorite coffee and find peace in your footing upon this hectic world. Blended Jubilee contains content for all sorts of areas of life. It covers bible studies, activities for you and your children, ways to be the best blended family, how you can make your house a home, and save money living your best (yet frugal) life!

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Before you go any further, how about we introduce ourselves to you? My name is Madison Sanderson, but I go by Madi. I am the inventor of this blog and I have a deep passion to help women get through their struggles and celebrate their joyous times, too! I am a coffee lover, dog lover and a home decor enthusiast. It is so nice to meet you!

I want to get to know everyone that comes across my blog, so please feel free to email me, or you can find me on Facebook on Blended Jubilee’s page. Since people are some of my favorite things, I naturally have a pull to love on as many as I can!

That gorgeous hunk you see over there is Cody. He is by far one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. He is my best friend and greatest supporter. It’s not many men that will let you be a stay-at-home mom even though your child is in school and only stays with you every other week. Cody loves people just as much as I do and has a desire to share God’s all across the earth. He’s a true gem.

The cute little blonde is his daughter, and my step-daughter, Sophia. She brings more joy to our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful for who she is. She’s funny, smart, sometimes too sassy, and extremely caring. She is growing a heart for the things of God, and has a deep love of everything horses or unicorns. 

At the bottom of each page there will be a MUG OF THE DAY posted. Some will have links you can follow to purchase your own, but its mainly to help others see that they are not alone in their mug obsession. Be sure to keep an eye on those because they are also used for giveaways, and you never know when you may be the winner. All because you took a peek!

I’m happy you stayed and visited with us for a while. Please be sure to introduce yourself and make yourself at home. We want this to be a place of refuge for you, or a place where you can come and unwind. We are so very thankful for you and can’t wait to see you again! Make sure to comment with your mug of the day as well!