The Perfect Work Space

The Perfect Work Space

I hate clutter. It makes me anxious, nervous, pull my hair out, pull my husband’s hair out. Clutter. It is something I’m sure that came from The Fall. I like to have things looking presentable and as my husband so lovingly says “as if no one lives here”. Its fine. Not a big deal.

I use to not be like this (ask my parents). I could have every item I ever owned on the floor of my room and not bat an eyelash. Now, I freak out if I see a small spot on the floor that the broom didn’t hit. What happened to me!? I grew up. I found a place that I can actually call home and that I am proud of. That’s what!

As my last post stated, I live in a house that needed (and still needs) a lot of TLC. We worked with it. We made it work for us. We just worked. We made ourselves learn how to be okay with things not being absolutely the way we (I) wanted them (mostly).

When it came to my work space, this was no exception. The only area available was in our back room that is too big of an undertaking for us to renovate right now. With that being said, I still had high standards.

  • Mood lighting. If I’m going to be looking at a computer screen, I need soft lighting around me.
  • Pretty things. I’m a woman after all.
  • Items that made my heart happy because of their memories.
  • Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

So, how does one get this while also being stuck in a dark corner. A corner covered in fake brick, dark dated paneling, and a plywood floor. Perfection (bleh!). I decided to make it as beautiful as I could, and just deal with the rest. I have actually grown to like those random little (massive) quirks, because it isn’t perfect, and I’m not perfect, so its a constant reminder.

Here is exactly what I did, and what you can do to make your small work space and a space that works (did you see what I did there?) Get your desk placed in a spot that you can envision yourself sitting at for hours. I had to make mine where my back is towards the rest of the house (otherwise I may be tempted to not work and wash dishes instead). Once that is done, grab all your nonnegotiables. Mine are:

  • Calendar that hangs.
  • Edison bulb strand of lights.
  • Pictures.
  • Flowers.

These are the things that truly make me happy in any space, so I had to have them here. My other needs are all placed within their designated drawers, that way I’m not surrounded by clutter, but can have a clean and functional desk at all times.

Make sure if you’re using a calendar to put it at a place that you can either stand at to write on it, or that it is easily removable so you can fill it out with ease.

Find homes for all of your nonnegotiables. My husband likes to have his cords and daily used items out on his desk within easy reach (he doesn’t mind messy). I found him a galvanized metal trough that he can put it all in. If it’s going to be out, it’s going to be presentable at least! Make that a goal for you. Have a printer that you use daily/often, but hate the look of it? Put it on a small, short rolling cart and put it under your desk, or beside it. That way you can pull it out when you need it and slide it back when you’re done.

Use lots of different pens and highlighters? Grab a cute cup or small bucket to put them in. Need to have your stapler or hole punch or fancy calculator out at all times? Then get a cute little shelf to put them all on, or put them all together on one side of the desk in an organized fashion, then use the other side of your desk for something pretty.

Don’t be afraid to use cute items around your house to make your desk a place that can make you happy. If you’re like me, you may spend hours a day at your desk doing work and there is no reason why it should be drabby. I knew I wanted to have my bouquet from my wedding on my desk (we hand made them! I’ll give you a tutorial on that down the road), but I couldn’t figure out a good vase for it. When we changed our lights out in the living room, we had four left over white glass globes. It. Was. Prefect!


It may look like a snowman with a headdress, but I can’t help but love it!

I was also given a tiny billboard sign that I am obsessed with! Anything I can be creative with is what I desire. I decided to hang it up above my computer that way I could always look up and be reminded of something, or encouraged, or whatever I may be needing at the time I put the letters in it.


It also brings in a bit more light, which I’m not mad about.

When I chose a calendar I had to make sure it was one that came with multiple color markers and a cork board. I like to make lists or goals and I need them to be ever present, hence the cork board. You choose the one that works best for you, or none at all. I prefer to have one so that I can keep track of bills, due dates, and the like.


Ignore Medusa’s hair poking out through the wall. I just don’t look at it. Ha!

As you can tell, I’m a fan of pictures, pictures everywhere! I didn’t want all the boxy frames since I already had a lot of straight edges everywhere (mixing hard edges with soft edges gives you a well rounded look to any room). I didn’t want to add another layer of stuff by adding the picture hanging wires you can find at Walmart, Amazon or Target, so I opted for using my already present Edison bulb strand and some cute clothes pins I found at Michael’s.

It took some time for all of this to come together and I had to try a few different things before I could fully decide what I wanted. I’d tryout some items, but they just couldn’t make it to varsity. That’s okay! As long as the items you truly need to help you be comfortable and productive are in their rightful place, then everything else is just icing on the cake!

With that, you have now seen my work space to an almost unhealthy degree, but learned something along the way! What are some of your must haves when it comes to your desk? Let me know!


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